About us

Joel M. Bach    

I've been taking pictures semi-professionally since 1985.  My first real camera was an old Pentax (I'm unsure of the model, but it used screw mount lenses and was fully manual) which was given to him by my favorite aunt.  It wasn't until I took pictures of a tragic Blue Angles crash in Niagara Falls that I was bit by the photography bug.  I immediately signed on as a staff photographer at The Spectrum newspaper in Buffalo, NY where I eventually became photo editor.  Around this time I bought my first bayonet based camera, another Pentax, though again, I'm unsure of the model.  During my time in Buffalo I also freelanced for local businesses, organizations, and another small paper.  I added a second camera body to my camera collection with the purchase of a Ricoh XR-P which used the Pentax K mount lenses.

Currently I use a Pentax *ist-D digital SLR with a variety of lenses and accessories.

to be continued as I have time...